facebooktwitterOne tweet on Jevon’s Twitter feed reads ‘real bad boys make apple crumbles with their daughters’, showing a pic of him and his daughter together at work in the kitchen. This seems somewhat emblematic of Jevon’s more reflective form of UK Rap, which does not shy away from the harshness of London’s surroundings but simultaneously does not surrender to them. This is none more evident than on ‘Do the Road’. The video opens with a spoken word piece and blooms into a drill-infused depiction of a past that Jevon states he has left behind, but nevertheless knows belongs to him. The dreamy production and poetic tone of the track combined with bravado flow makes Jevon sound something like the UK’s answer to Kendrick Lamar. With a debut album promised in several posts, 2018 is definitely a year to get excited about this genre blending producer and MC.

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