With her debut EP Sad Music out today, Jessica Winter talks us through five pivotal tracks that influenced the release.

Towards the end of last month, the Brixton-based artist released the entrancing and infectious title track from her EP; as she sings “I’ll make it through by listening to sad music” atop warped, brooding synths and booming 80s-imbued beats, Winter fully lays out her particular, heady brand of euphorically melancholic dance-pop. This juxtaposition of emotions and sounds courses throughout the release with compelling dynamism as she crafts timeless sad-pop anthems. With strident, expansive electronica, dancefloor-ready grooves and Winter’s sultry, suave vocals each track on Sad Music sees Winter boldly mark out her visionary creative intent.

Find out the inspirations and influences behind each of the tracks on Sad Music below.

PLAY – this song influenced me the most: Laurie Anderson – O Superman.

On PLAY I used a real vocal harmoniser from the 70s.  It’s such a beautiful thing.  It creates sounds and inflections that are so magic and unique to the way the sound waves hit the hardware. The video has always been a reference for me and Nan Moore who did all the visual aspects on the EP.

SAD MUSIC: Adamski – Killer

Anyone who also loves this song as much as I do will have already sniffed this as a reference for SAD MUSIC.  My EP is a combination of different sounds that I’m drawn to and I hope that is it’s strength because my taste in music is quite erratic.


I love to mix real guitars with trap beats, Lil Peep is a big inspiration to me.  I am so sad he’s no longer with us.

THE OTHER: Elton John – Tiny Dancer 

as much as I am NOT a fan of Elton John this one song has had a huge impact on me and I wanted to write an unexpected chorus that opens up as much as this one does.  This is probably my favourite song on the EP.

WORLD ON FIRE: Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile 

This was my favourite recording experience on the EP. I got to work with Jason Cooper from The Cure; created analog chorus in the studio corridor and generally enjoyed warping every element of the song with producer Larry Hibbitt.  I was completely away from my laptop which was a very new and exciting experience for me. Nine Inch Nails production is always in my mind when I’m recording and anything off of The Fragile album could be used as a reference for this song in particular.

‘Sad Music’ is out now via Roya.