“The average British person will spend 8,760 hours in a pub during their lifetime,” Jacob Read explains in the press release accompanying his latest single for Handsome Dad Records, ‘Voodoo Saloon’. He continues, somewhat tangentially, “I had the opportunity to have a Bar Mitzvah when I was 13 years old, but I turned it down. I never became a man.” Nonsensical as the statement seems, the juxtaposition provides a suitably absurd introduction to the disorientating world of Jerkcurb.

An artist and animator by day, the South London singer-songwriter delights in blurring creative mediums.

His songs are often inspired by his illustrations, evoking everything from vivid, post-apocalyptic landscapes, to a “theme-park version of Wetherspoons”. Musically, imagine a less psychopathic Timber Timbre, all melancholic, punchdrunk guitars and creeping rhythms, topped with crooning vocals that aren’t a million miles away from those of Read’s former collaborator, King Krule.

From the wistful swoon of debut single ‘Night On Earth’ to the richly-layered and suspenseful ‘Voodoo Saloon’, via the Twin Peaks-esque atmospherics of ‘Somerton Beach’, Read effortlessly draws you into his world, and leaves you baffled but intrigued, and craving more. The full-length can’t come soon enough.

Live: The Lexington on October 11th

@jerkcurb // SoundCloud