Electrowerkz – March 7th

Jerkcurb is Jacob Read. Jacob Read is an illustrator and also in a band called Horsey. Horsey are going on tour in Spain this month. Jacob Read is also – I assume from his idiosyncratic illustration style – the designer of Horsey’s pretty promo posters. (The pizza box in the image above will give you a vibe.) Basically, guy’s got a lot on.

Logistically impressive then that he had the time to give his own project what was only its second full-band runout early this month. Most people would take a couple weeks for that – maybe clear some diary space.

The performance was engrossing. Jerkcurb plays a bluesy-sounding range of tunes that are made dark and languorous by their slower tempo and cowboy reverb. They drift out across the Electrowerkz audience like heavy smoke and it’s nice to get caught up for a bit inside his slightly creepy world. (Again, what’s going on in that picture.)

With proper buttoned-up shirts (no ‘90s sportswear in sight!!!!!), 6/8 time signatures and tasty licks abounding, it’s nice to hear some fresh, relevant, bluesy tunes around. I’m thinking a show with Palace (the band – not the brand. What’s the difference though these days amirite) would be spot on.

Until then, catch the Horsey riding in Madrid, Donostia or Santander.