Moshi Moshi – November 1st

Should songs tell a story? If you’re nodding, Jeffrey Lewis is your man. He’s a tongue-in-cheek New Yorker who draws comic books by day and is an energetic songwriter by night. While his tunes may appear shambolic, feisty and disjointed, they’re much more like three-minute masterpieces than mere doodles. Take the charming autobiographical track ‘LPs’: it chronicles the gateway drug of cheap 60s rock albums that fed his teenage vinyl obsession. Or ‘My Girlfriend Doesn’t Listen’, with its bizarre shopping list of irrational fears that don’t bother his partner, including Charles Manson and agrarian reform. Lewis is ably supported by Mem Pahl (bass) and Brent Cole (drummer) as they make the fantastic real. And who could ask for more in a song?

Photo by Nic Chapman.

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