jaydanielTechnicolour – November 25th

Just where to start with Jay Daniel? Despite sporadic EP releases, the youthful Detroit DJ still resembles something of an enigma. And don’t approach Broken Knowz with the intention of digging deeper – this is a cold, brooding clutch of tracks that admittedly display little human emotion.

But that’s okay. Like me, you probably came for the skittering beats. ‘1001 Nights’ and ‘Squeaky Maya’, the record’s mid-point and most thrilling tracks, certainly deliver on that promise, splicing the album with a seductive groove to prevent any hint of tedium.

It’s only through repeated listening that you realise Broken Knowz creeps up on the listener in a similar manner to Daniel himself: unassuming on the surface but brimming with masterful purpose upon closer inspection. And the results are pretty striking.

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