I’ve been to London three times and have always had a phenomenal time. This last time I was there in May for press and had a pretty perfect day. The weather was lovely. I took a quiet train in from Paris and listened to the new Aldous Harding record on the way over. I got in late and took a cab to the Roundhouse to hang out with the Dead Oceans folks at the Angel Olsen gig. By the time I got there she’d already finished playing, but I got to meet her and she was very nice and told me she liked my record, which was surreal. I saw her in a small room a long time ago in Philadelphia and am such a fan. My friend Paul from Philly plays guitar in the band and it was nice to see him. It’s great to see your friends playing big rooms, eating prosciutto backstage and living the dream.

The next day I got to browse Rough Trade and eat fantastic Indian food at Dishoom with the label. I learned you guys call popsicles ice lollies and about brown sauce. I got to see my friend Vagabon play to a sold out Electrowerkz and got to hang out with her and Sasami from Cherry Glazerr at Wetherspoons, which I hear is a bit of a drinking institution. It reminded me of Olive Garden, which is an Italian restaurant chain we have in the US. They made insanely strong tequila sodas.

We finished the night off dancing at the Lexington with Kane Strang. Sasami and I pretended to be flight attendants and I drunkenly attempted to practice my Korean with her. I mostly just embarrassed myself. Then I begged my project manager to get fried chicken with me. Last time the band played in London we had a crazy night at Dalston Superstore that resulted in some wasted running in the streets with a shared box of fried chicken, so I was really hoping to recreate that moment, but we got kebobs instead. I literally fell asleep at my airbnb eating it. It was the best night ever.

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