LuckyMe – October 18th

Jacques Greene’s holistic, nuanced approach to electronic music could only come from one of club culture’s true evangelists. A producer keenly aware of the transformative impact of the rave experience, Dawn Chorus stems from the bittersweet bliss that permeates that final Uber home.

The successor to 2017’s long-awaited debut album, Feel Infinite, Dawn Chorus emphasises his grasp of sound design in its pursuit of post-rave reflection. Utilising Joel Ford as mix engineer, it’s both a singular vision and a collective project, with Jacques Greene embracing the importance of technique and process alongside the exquisite final artefact.

‘Distance’ embodies glorious ambience by utilising cello from London’s Oliver Coates, while fellow Canadian artist, Cadence Weapon stars on stunning Paradise Garage-inspired cut, ‘Night Service’. Indeed, this notion of the club as a point of transgressive worship permeates the record, recurring on the gospel-leaning samples that drive ‘For Love’.

It’s a project with admirable breadth: ‘Do It Without You’ is propelled by those crunching, rave-leaning drum breaks, while My Bloody Valentine elements permeate the lush Boards Of Canada synths on ‘Understand’.

Conceptually, the album lingers on the process of becoming, of emerging into the new, while Jacques Greene seeks to blur the lines between euphoric abandon and melancholic introspection. These aspects unite on album closer, ‘Stars’, which shuffles between unbridled elation and the curious restraint of the half-whispered vocal. A record dominated by engaging sonic beauty and real emotional impact, Dawn Chorus is an exceptional eulogy to the mercurial rave experience.

Photo by Mathieu Fortin.

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Live: St Pancras Old Church on October 18th, Five Miles on October 19th and Rough Trade East on October 19th