It’s All Happening // Live Review

best friends

Brixton Windmill – October 4th

Dogs on the roof, bunch of cool bands and grilled meats. Three things that indicate all-dayer fun at the Brixton Windmill, this time around curated by zine and promo outfit It’s All Happening.

This gang know how to throw a party and surely enough they followed suit today by putting seven high-calibre bands on the same bill, chucking in a free BBQ and only charging £7 for it.

London four-piece King TV kick things off with buoyant slacker rock tunes that get me out of my hangover funk and cranked up for the rest of the day. Cheers guys.

Fake Laugh follow with mellow guitar riffs, beautiful melodies and dreamy vocals, before Daisy Victoria takes to the stage in an outfit my eyesight isn’t prepared for in the caliginous ambience. If PJ Harvey and Kate Bush defied science and procreated, Daisy would be their love child.

The indisputably British Oscar is next, a guy that has managed to gather a lot of hype lately with his catchy brit-pop influenced tunes and low baritone. Having listened to the shit out of 146b, I was stoked to have the chance to check him out live for the first time, luckily he doesn’t disappoint. An endearing stage presence and sounding just as great in person as he does recorded made him a stand out of the day.

Quartet Dios Mio are a soothing change of pace before noise pop duo Crushed Beaks play a vivacious set concocted of songs from ‘Breakdown’ to ‘Tropes’.

Finally, Best Friends grace us with their party hard ethos and garage pop anthems including ‘Wasting Time’ that got everyone moving for the most lively set of the night, unsurprisingly. A crowd surf and encore later and it was all over. I say goodbye to my canine friends on the roof and make my way home, belly full of Sambuca shots and tuna pasta.

If you didn’t make it, stir your jealousy by checking out the playlist we made below.