With her debut EP out now on Godmode, Isola shares her current top five ‘feel good’ tracks, which we could definitely do with right now.

Across the EP Isola, the creative moniker of Ivana Carrescia, crafts an intricate and mesmerising world to escape to filled with shimmering house-beats, cosmic synth melodies and ethereal vocals. Co-produced by Godmode founder Nick Sylvester, the tracks are imbued with a playful vibrancy, offering immersive dub-infused techno soundscapes that exude a warm, transcendent resplendence.

Delve into Isola’s dreamy selections below…

I had the goal of producing a record that makes the listener feel at peace, alive, free.
These are my top 5 current “feel good” songs:

“Love Theme From Spartacus” – Yusef Lateef

This is my all time favorite piece of music… weaved into my daily life and music, always! Maybe you can hear shadows of it in EP1.

“Branding Problem” – Clark

Isn’t it amazing that humans have a similar reaction to chords/melody/texture of sound? How we all feel melancholy, happiness, sadness, fear alongside each other when listening to the same particular piece of music? This masterpiece makes me laugh and want to rob a bank. How about you?

“My Cherie Amour” – Stevie Wonder

Where were you when you first heard My Cherie Amour for the first time? I was in a car seat, eating chocolates.

“Nonyet” – Bad Tuner

Been loving this one for the past few months, the way her voice whispers in your ear.

“Tailwhip” – Men I Trust

My 2020 leaving New York for Las Vegas song. When it’s time to move into my dream cabin in the woods, this song will take me there too.

Isola – EP1 is out now.