Infinity Girl – Harm // Album Review

133_942_72Topshelf Records – August 28th

Brooklyn band Infinity Girl love a bit of shoegaze, but thankfully Nolan Ely and the band never spend so much time staring down that they forget to look up and craft a killer hook. And on new album Harm those hooks are there in abundance. From the thunderous cacophony that welcomes us in on opener ‘Hesse’, through writhing melodies on latest single ‘Firehead’, the extended reverb that leads out ‘Hold’ and blurs into disco synths on ‘Not Man’, the apt bounce of ‘Young’ and ‘Heavy’ – which sounds not unlike an eighties video game going through a blender – there’s plenty going on. With clattering fuzz and distortion throughout, grazed and anxiety-wrought shapes, and an expansive and propulsive air, it’s an intense and emotive piece of work. (Francesca Baker)

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