In the follow up to 2015’s Night Drops, Italian producer Indian Wells aka Pietro Iannuzzi returns with his third full length. Released via Los Angeles label Friends of Friends – home to the likes of Shlohmo, Nadastrom and Jerome Lol – Where The World Ends tackles the concept of borders that perpetuate our day to day politically, socially and geographically.

Growing up in an isolated region of southern Italy, Indian Wells has long since been aware of the confines and obstructions of borders and boundaries; from the aspect of feeling limited in his output studying in a small city, to the constant reminder of governments imposing borders upon migrants. Indian Wells has created an undulating journey through a sonic landscape which overcomes his borders, creating communication without boundaries through lush textures and vibrant woodwind percussion. Iannuzzi’s tendency to escape to the mountains is present too, take the glistening ambience and muffled altitude heard in ‘The Alps’.

Opener ‘Voices’ gently bubbles, building atmospheric layer upon atmospheric layer. The following track ‘Cascades’ is all in the name, cascading in trance-like synths, shimmering melodies reminiscent of a harp and a simple vocal loop heavy on the reverb. What’s evident throughout Where The World Ends is an inclination to introduce new, weightier sounds towards the latter stages of a track. Sometimes, in the punchy industrial bleeps of ‘Some Stripes’ or the ethereal vocal and atmospheric synths in ‘Forest Hills’, this habit works well. Elsewhere, in the dramatic cymbals in ‘Heart of Lights’ and the shrill bleeps of ‘Les Ardennes’, the change in tone is incongruous.

Most of the tracks on the record are five to six minutes long and there are moments this feels excessive. There’s a fine art to the subtlety of introducing new ideas and textures into a track which has already established its energy. In Where The World Ends, this art is, at times, slightly laboured. This said, Indian Wells sits comfortably in the same realm as the Caribous and Bonobos of the world; blissed out and carefully curated electronic music that excels in melody and atmosphere.

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