Ever since IGLOOGHOST came into our lives with the incredible and critically acclaimed Neō Wax Bloom he’s consistently enchanted and entranced with his visionary imagination. His latest track ‘Amu’ continues in this vein, further elaborating the fictional ecosystem of otherworldly entities that inhabit the worlds he fabricates. To mark the release he shares five tracks that have impacted and inspired him.

As with IGLOOGHOST’s previous sonic creations, ‘Amu’ offers a certain unique, transcendental magic that makes us want to live inside the track. For this release, IGLOOGHOST teamed up with a children’s choir to paint the landscapes that the titular entity exists within. The track is accompanied by stunning visuals that see Amu and IGLOOGHOST on an intrepid nighttime journey augmenting the suspenseful twists and turns that the track takes.

Both in his solo creations and as part of Gloo, which he forms part of with Kai Whiston and BABii, IGLOOGHOST holds an inimitable aptitude for narrative, offering intricate, curious adventures within the songs. And this isn’t just a quality contained within the tracks. Prior to ‘Amu’s revelation to the world IGLOOGHOST enlisted listeners to help him find four hidden stones that were scattered across ancient sites. Once the puzzle was complete “Amu” was unlocked.

Speaking on this online quest he details, “I think loads of people around my age grew up immersed in these kinds of feral, infinite wormhole-like music communities online. When I was 14 me and my friends would spend days doing ridiculous things like trading fake unreleased Odd Future beats for genuine ones, following breadcrumb trails of dead links and ancient profiles to grab demos from our favorite music people at the time. Mixing these kinds of experiences with storytelling and magic-realism was a really fun way to get tons of crazy weirdos in a chatroom cracking codes and spamming text at lightning speed. To me, treating the internet like a huge, expansive wilderness feels like a way more tantalising prospect than just staying cooped up on the same 3 social networks everyday.”

It’s this playful, child-like sense of awe and wonder that IGLOOGHOST captures within his music and art that makes him such an inimitable and mesmerising artist.

Get to know IGLOOGHOST In Five…

Ulla – New Poem

I played this one on loop for long stretches of a 9 hour train journey to a gig in Cornwall a couple months ago. It was a torrential storm and the train goes along the sea. We ate loads of crisps. Really good. This song sounds like it has cracks on its surface that air is blowing and whistling through.

Ecco2K – CC

To me this thing sounds like a 700000000 year old plug-type beat, hollowed out and decayed from the inside. It’s like if The Caretaker tried to make a plug type beat. It literally sounds like the skeleton of the track is crumbling to dust when it drops. Ecco sounds like he’s rapping from an abandoned piece of atmospheric debris. Nuts.


There’s this bizarre side of Soundcloud making noise right now, populated by weirdo children making the most absurd, impressionistic ‘Tik Tok music’ (for lack of a better genre name.) I hate to sound like a 20-something year old outsider trying to intellectualise fun shit, but the spirit of this stuff really reminds me of the BH FUNK stuff from Brazil. Essentially just tons of inventive jokers stripping down popular street shit from any of its radio-ready, palatable qualities. The mixing is purposefully surreal; iconic claps and snares sounds get swapped out for random clown horn sound effects, and the 808s are deteriorated to 999999db farts. Sometimes I feel like this shit started in the Vine days, where the only way to get your shit to bang on an iPhone speaker was to boost the bass to an unthinkable level – and it sort of became an arms race. All I know is this shit makes me feel like I’m having an aneurysm in a really good way.

Jennifer Higdon – Dance Card: No 2, Breeze Serenade

I love how wilted and mournful, but still rapid this piece is. The pacing is so fast but in the way that the arrangement’s trying to express 1000 sad and neurotic things to you, in a really frantic succession. This sounds a bit daft but I feel like a really uncommon tone of music is fast as fuck and also sad. I guess it’s because we equate sorrow with moping around and being sluggish. I think a lot of my own work is about finding emotional depth within excess and speed.

Tsembla – Penumbra

This track feels like bobbing around in an enormous burping bog of thick mud and kicking it with massive ugly toads. It’s crazy to me how this piece literally feels like it’s constantly bubbling and popping. The constant airflow-like motion of swelling and release is goofy and fun.

‘Amu’ is out now.