August 8th – Self-Release

Seamus Malliagh has set himself to mapping the Iglooghost universe. To fresh ears, the scope of these two EPs – Clear Tamei and Steel Mogu – and where the tracks could theoretically go next feels limitless in the way only chaos can. While his frenetic sound signature remains consistent with debut Neō Wax Bloom, Malliagh’s now expanding Iglooghost’s sonic language. This is relentlessly dense, playful, cartoonish drum and bass, which whirrs and winds in the gravity of its own technicolour planet. As with Neō Wax Bloom, there is something narratively bigger at play here, following Malliagh’s celestial, chirruping chibi characters in a high-concept adventure. Beyond the glorious candy-tangle of his mixes, it’s a kawaii collision of prog and relentless imagination which steers just beyond self-parody onto something fresh.

Buy: Iglooghost – Clear Tamei + Steel Mogu