Bristol is calling! The London in Stereo crew will host a Simple Things festival stage on Saturday. So expect top-notch bands and high quality smiles.

A quick glimpse at the top of the bill should also convince you that the one-day multi-venue festival organisers are plotting one hell of a hot party out west. Featuring Death Grips, Warpaint and Kano it’s hard to deny that Simple Things is looking all kinds of awesome. And we’re delighted to welcome the band of hometown heroes – Idles – to our London in Stereo stage.

They are surely alone in asking if your love of Mary Berry and crap football is ruining your life. It’s a fair question, right? The five-piece noise unit also deserve special attention because of their physical and compelling rock, tattoos and fancy facial hair.

Featuring Joe Talbot, Mark Bowen, Lee Kiernan, Adam Devonshire and Jon Beavis, the group excel at playing an acerbic brand of blistering and attitude-laden rock that we firmly enjoy.

Idles will join the rest of the London in Stereo stage artists, including:
Bad Breeding
Twin Peaks
She Drew the Gun
Dream Wife
Plastic Mermaids

Ahead of the festival, we caught up with Idles frontman Joe to ask him what songs got him and the band going. And he didn’t disappoint. Our chat featured everything from Silence of the Lambs to Tyneside folk as he offered an insight into the band’s dark sense of humour and eclectic tastes.

Read on… and catch them at Simple Things on Saturday.

 The Rat – The Walkmen

The Rat changed my life. I first heard it as I sat on the floor of my university’s halls at the end of my first year, boxes packed and just dumped by my girlfriend. I was going through some sort of existential meltdown when my good friend Matt came in with Bows and Arrows in hand and told me to buck up and listen. I did. The sound of the fury and pain from that song urged me to fuck it all off and attack. It’s been my spirit animal ever since.

Negative – A Frames

As a band we have very different tastes, like very, very different tastes. But every now and again a song unites us with an excitement in a way that only music can. This song is one. Our producer friend Dom introduced the track while we were recording demos and encouraged us to fuck off all the fluff and focus. It’s a beast.

Powers of Ten – Suuns

I saw Suuns live with [bandmate Mark] Bowen at Primavera and stood with my girlfriend. And when this song came on the whole room erupted. This band are phenomenal live, and on record and their albums just keep getting better and better. Too good.

Poor Old Horse – Richard Dawson

Bowen dragged me to see Richard Dawson as I thought he was a techno producer. But it turned out to be this weird medieval folk-type music. The bravery of his performance is unmatched and something I think everyone could gain from whether they like the music or not. He has a vicious tone to his guitar I’d never heard before. This song is lyrically wrenching and a good one to start you on his other stuff.

Goodbye Horses – Q Lazarus

If this song comes on and Idles are in the same room, we’ll tuck our dicks in and sing this like the world is coming to an end.

Idles play Simple Things festival on October 2.