Alcopop Records – April 7th

First things first, a quick analysis of what’s in a name: Husky Loops sounds remarkably like some brand of sickly American breakfast cereal. You can just picture it: artificial colours, anthropomorphised dog mascot, the lot. But why is that important? Well, probably needless to say, the band in question here are anything but sickly in sound – though they’d certainly make for quite a way to start the day.

The Bologna-founded, London-based three-piece experiment to a fair extent on their debut EP, but they do it all in pitch darkness. Lead single ‘Fighting Myself’ comes to life with a jagged, worryingly Slaves-like riff, but soon turns into something as troubled and tempestuous as its title ought to suggest. Opener ‘The Man’, meanwhile, creeps out of the shadows and maintains a certain unease, and ‘Dead’ is a crunching and suitably doom-filled finale. But everything here is equally raw and relentless, and ultimately only one colour comes to mind: black.

By the end of it all, it’s still rather a tricky task to pin Husky Loops down – they carry with them an all-important element of mystery that keeps intrigue levels at a high. One thing’s for sure, though: they’re not going to be shining any light into their darkness anytime soon. That’s only a good thing.

Live: Lion Coffee – 13th April / Shacklewell Arms – 6th May