Hot Chip – Why Make Sense // Album Review

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Six albums in either means you’ve cracked your musical subset or you’re milking the cash cow for all it’s worth. Hot Chip are probably somewhere in between the two. Opening track ‘Huarache Lights’ feels experimentally fresh, with pulsating beats and funky dance floor DJ flicks, providing the kind of escapism you’d expect from the band. ‘Love Is The Future’ and ‘Cry For You’ also add rhythmic layers of laid back cool disco injections. But the trouble is, after the three-track opener, you get the feeling that Hot Chip are pretty much doing the same thing they’ve always done. Yeah, Why Make Sense? is kind of catchy and succeeds in production quality, but if you were hoping for something a little more innovative, then you’ll be pretty disappointed.

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Live: O2 Academy Brixton – October 22nd