Saddle Creek – April 6th

The third full-length from Philadelphia’s Hop Along, Bark Your Head Off, Dog is awash with an array of genres: from the whistling folk of ‘How You Got Your Limp’, to the contagious, power-pop chorus of ‘How Simple’ and ‘The Fox In Motion’, with its driving indie ferocity building to the moment of the record as Frances Quinlan’s increasingly impassioned vocal weaves through another inspired melody. One moment we’re taken to the punk-tinged potency of ‘One That Suits Me’, the next Quinlan lays her songwriting bear, as ‘Prior Things’ and ‘Not Abel’ swell with hypnotic strings and moments of cold, fairytale, bucolic beauty. It’s a complex piece of work that both challenges and satisfies at every turn, as each song provides its own brilliant leg to the wholly enjoyable adventure.

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