Honne – Love Me/Love Me Not

Love Me/ Love Me Not’ is the sophomore album that Honne fans have been waiting for, following on from the success of their debut LP ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ released back in 2016. In the meantime, since April the duo have been teasing fans releasing songs on the last Friday of every month. Featuring impressive collaborations from Tom Misch, Georgia, Amine and Anna of the North, Honne have revealed themselves to be much more than mere bedtime artists in a late night Spotify playlist. Having created a meticulously crafted, beat driven album, the duo have created a track list which fosters the musical variety that ‘Warm on a Cold Night’ lacked.

Much of this can be attributed to the interplay of light and dark as a theme that protrudes throughout the project, from its sound to its name to its artwork. The contrasting sounds transition and flow from the dark, with tracks like ‘Sometimes’ and ‘I Just Wanna Go Back’, to lighter and refreshing upbeat groovers ‘Day 1’ and ‘Me & You’, allowing for an album which rests in perfect balance.

Standout track ‘Sometimes’, hits with a darker and melancholic tone mirroring the sound of its album fellow ‘I Just Wanna Go Back’. ‘Sometimes’ tackles lyrics of regret from a past love with the instrumentals of the warm buttery synth that fans have grown to identify filling the body, whilst a melody of bright slinky keys dip in and out of the verse, filling the track with lingering sense of hopeful optimism. This is a technique that Honne have used very cleverly too in ‘Shrink’, where the chaotic texture of the sound reflects the masked anxiety the lyrics reveal. The bridge breaks down the track to a whimsy stripped back melody, sounding like a retro games console menu jingle, gives the track a playful feel, casting a bit of light on the revealed anxieties.

Frequent collaborators Honne and Tom Misch returned with ‘Me & You’, following previous collaboration ‘Just Dance’. Following the huge acclaim for Misch’s LP ‘Geography’, this joint project reveals the future of electro-soul and the importantly the powerful potential of the two British artists. Me & You is everything you’ll expect from this partnering, boppy neo soul goodness, with a knockout Misch guitar hook, and vocal croons that create something intense and infectious.

Honne’s outlook on 21st century life puts a mirror to our own lives, the tracks hammer home with relatable content. From lyrics in devotion to that shitty car that you just can’t bring yourself to sell, to anxiety rooted in the stresses of modern-day life, Honne reflects on all of these and the light and dark in-between creating a sound that is timeless.

‘Love me/Love me not’ is out now.