Holy EF Music – January 17th

High anxieties seem to have well and truly assimilated into the cultural zeitgeist of recent record releases, and even Holy Fuck’s fifth LP, Deleter cannot fully escape its ravages. From the start, on Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) collaboration, ‘Luxe’, we are met with mumbling vocal samples (“I’d like to scrap all of it / start over again”) that saturate the song with palpable ennui.

Deleter ultimately acknowledges murkier depths than previous Holy Fuck recordings – for instance, ‘San Sebastian’ that churns with Krautrock-like precision. Yet the tenacious, rhythmic loops of the band’s oft-colourful electronic rock sporadically cradle us from being swallowed into a total funk, instead lifting us up into the funk. ‘Ruby’ finally purges remnants of a forlorn decade, amping up into a final, blistering crescendo to greet the future afresh.

Photo by Chan-yang Kim.

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Live: Dingwalls on March 5th and All Points East on May 23rd