Ahead of releasing his new EP Rapture next month we caught up with Hollow Sinatra to talk five influential tracks.

Hollow Sinatra is an undeniably singular talent; from the warped and potent lo-fi experimentalism of his 2019 LP What Are You Looking For In Tomorrow? to the hurtling rave dynamism of his more recent tracks, the Atlanta-based artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist consistently delivers fresh and visionary artistry with each new release.

A heady flurry of strident breakbeats, driving basslines, majestic instrumentals and resonant, gospel-inflected vocals ‘White Plug’ sees Hollow Sinatra channel the soulful potency of Young Fathers meets Yves Tumor and then some. ‘White Plug’ follows on from energetic, 90s UK rave and jungle infused cut ‘False Prophets’ and is the second track from Hollow Sinatra’s upcoming new EP Rapture (which we’re very excited for).

Get to know Hollow Sinatra In Five…

1. Firestarter – The Prodigy

What more can I say I’m a sucker for breakbeats and the Prodigy are all for it. They really got me tapped into a side of aggressive electronic that I’ve been looking for my entire life I always wanted something that would compete with the overall loudness and aggressiveness so many rock anthems I grew up with had.

2. Come to Daddy (Pappy mix) – Aphex Twin

Another beautiful track sporadic drums simple straight to the point lyrics a lot of buzz and overall a song that’s untameable. I wanted to take this same aggression on false prophets but add a pop song structure with more hip hop influence strip it back a tad bit and call it a day!

3. Electioneering – Radiohead

Not only is this track an essential in the overall picture of OK Computer but an essential influence for the Ep. Here we have a rock anthem that is in no way pretentious or try hard but it still takes itself as a rock anthem which I always thought was pretty cool. I remember buying the OK computer Cd (because I didn’t have an Aux in my car at the time) and literally playing this track over and over again completely mesmerized by it a harsh beauty really.

4. Poker Face – Lady Gaga

A track we all love and remember. Personally a track that reminds me of my childhood and how innocently happy i was. I didn’t know what a poker face was but I did know how much those beginning synths captivated me even when I was young. Inspired me to make aggressive dance tracks with swagger I guess you can say haha.

5. Crimewave – Crystal Castles 

Where do I begin…I was introduced to crystal castles junior year of high school (late I know) but their talent to captivate the listener is uncanny honestly. My friends like to just call it (computer noise) but their take on witch house and later even Trap has always inspired me to genre blend with no remorse.

‘White Plug’ is out now.