Hinds // Live Review

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Electrowerkz – January 23rd

You’d think it was far longer than merely two months since we last saw Hinds (then of course, they were called Deers), the difference between the band we saw anxiously taking to the stage at The Lexington in November and the band brash with confidence commanding the room with ease tonight, is immense. They’re here, and they’ve got more slack indie-pop hooks than you could believe.

Having now finished all the tracks they used to play half of, tonight we were able to catch a brief but wonderful glimpse of the bright future of the band. Writing as a four-piece, you can see how ideas and additions come to fruition and they almost visibly bounce off each other’s energy. All three singers boast such different tones and feel to their vocals, yet they sit perfectly together, tessellating throughout each track keeping them lively and providing the sound that’s uniquely them. Drummer Amber Grimbergen underpins the whole thing with tight timing and effortless rhythm, allowing the other three more slack, meaning they’re able to really have some fun. And as they make abundantly clear on stage, this is what the whole thing is about, having fun. Their energy is infectious, the whole room is fizzing with it, and ending with a huge stage invasion we leave with the feeling in our stomach that we’ve just seen something really and truly special. We can’t wait to see what’s next.