Hinds // Live Review

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Scala – May 19th

Hinds are an attractive proposition for any music fan to get into. Their melodic lo-fi slacker indie and cutesy stage personas have worked on the masses to make them 2015’s most accessible new band. So it’s really very little surprise that Mac Demarco should be spotted hanging out with them, or that they’ve partied with Twin Peaks at SXSW. If anything Madrid’s finest have proven themselves worthy figureheads of the Spanish slacker contingent, a part of what’s shaping to be a global slacker movement, though the arrival of Britain’s own gang of slacker heroes is still pending.

Earlier reviews of their shows this year centred on the fact that they played incomplete songs (understandable, given that so much praise was lavished on them for their first demo since reforming). The reviews also highlighted their tendency to get very drunk on stage. Both habits have been noticeably shorn from tonight’s set which is a feel-good run through of all their major recordings including their cover of Thee Headcoats’ ‘Davey Crockett (Gabba Hey)’. The psychedelic ‘Trippy Gum’ warms the crowd nicely and the girls keep up the party vibes throughout ‘Castigas en el granero’ before vocalist/guitarist Carlotta Cosials shares a joyous kiss with bassist Ade Martin during the bridge. They play ‘Bamboo’ twice during the night, once mid-set and once again as an encore. It soundtracks a stage invasion that effectively sums up the whole night: Hinds may get very big, but they’ll always be down to party.