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Words: Gem Samways | Photos: Lucy Johnston

When you re-appraise your resolutions for 2014, how happy do you reckon you’ll be? Probably nowhere near as thrilled as Hinds’ Carlotta Cosials and Ana Garcia Perrote. At the beginning of the year, they set themselves the goal of securing a rhythm section by September, with the aim of playing a few guerrilla gigs in their hometown of Madrid.

“We actually did a mini-tour of Europe in September…” Perrote marvels, before she, Cosials and bassist Ade Martin collapse into giggles for approximately the tenth time in ten minutes. “We have done more things than we thought we were going to do by far,” Cosials confirms, once composed, adding awestruck, “In our whole lives.”

To say the four-piece – completed by drummer Amber Grimbergen – have had a decent year, is putting it mildly. On the strength of two 7″ singles released via Lucky Number Music, they’ve won over most of the major UK and US music publications, opened for The Libertines in Paris, and played London on four separate occasions, including once in support of their heroes Black Lips. Pretty incredible considering that this time 12 months ago Hinds was little more than a pipedream.

“We started the band because we admired bands so much,” Perrote recalls. “I mean, we probably met at some gig, so all our world is centred around music. It was like, ‘Wow, can you imagine being on the stage, doing your stuff?’ just, like, dreaming. So we started playing covers and we liked it so much we said, “Ok, we need to write songs!”

“We love garage,” continues Cosials, adding with a laugh, “Like rock ‘n’ roll, but dirty.” So, inspired by Black Lips, Shannon and the Clams, Dead Girls and Mac DeMarco, the duo wrote the two tracks that became their debut release, Demo. The instant the songs appeared on SoundCloud, the music press came knocking. “It was like a chain,” Perrote recounts in disbelief.

“It came in one place, and then another, and then another…” It’s no stretch to see why everyone was instantly smitten.

Oozing insouciant cool, the lazy groove of ‘Bamboo’ finds Cosials and Perrote taking turns delivering romantic demands over tremolo-drenched chords, while psychedelic-laced garage jam ‘Trippy Gum’ celebrates a messy night out, where everyone gets leathered on gin and pukes in the cab home. Their latest two tracks – ‘Between Cans’ and ‘Castigadas en el granero’ – are as thrillingly loose-limbed, confirming that Martin and Grimbergen are settling into the creative process just fine.

But you English guys don’t dance!” Cosials chastises. “In Spain, everyone’s crowd-surfing, and people are getting crazy, and you…

Speaking to the band in their rehearsal room, they’re clearly close-knit, and as convivial as their compositions. It’s this total lack of artifice, coupled with their irrepressible vivacity, that makes them such a joyful live proposition.

“We can’t give a feel-good gig if we don’t feel this energy with the audience,”Perrote explains. “We take things very personally. Like, I [once] saw this guy on the front row and he was not smiling, and I was like, ‘Oh shit!’”

“But you English guys don’t dance!” Cosials chastises. “In Spain, everyone’s crowd-surfing, and people are getting crazy, and you… You are more polite!”

Buttoned-up we may be, but we’re already looking forward to welcoming them back in January, during their European tour. After that, they’ll be stopping by SXSW before heading back into the studio in April to record their full-length debut, writing for which is already well underway. “You’re gonna love it,” Cosials teases.

Having decimated their targets this year, surely they’re setting their sights higher for 2015? “Our resolution is to have a tour manager,” Perrote replies. “We’re driving the opposite way here, and we’re so scared! And we want to make a good album, of course.”

“We don’t want to change the world with Hinds,” Cosials smiles, “We just want to make good music. Make people happy.” And make British audiences dance? “Yeah! That’s it!”


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