Sacred Bones – June 8th

If Grouper’s stark, intense minimalism is best visualised as the darkest corner of the coldest house, then Colt – the debut album from Dublin artist Hilary Woods – is the desolate, cinematic landscape outside it. Beautiful and grizzled, its eight tracks range from sombre ambience (‘Prodigal Dog’) to Twin Peaks-esque balladry (‘Black Rainbow’), tackling grief and abandonment with outstanding confidence. Full of anguish and endlessly cathartic – but surprisingly bright-sounding in places – Colt is a remarkable debut, one best experienced with closing track ‘Limbs’, which is all cathartic drone, Hollywood piano and Woods’ pristine voice. Woods says Colt was created “as a way to process and make sense of the everyday” – a feeling she’s captured perfectly, as if in gossamer.

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Live: Purcell Room, Southbank Centre on June 20th