105158Technicolour – August 5th

Lofty would be an understatement when describing this solo album from veteran Chicago producer Jamal Moss. Its ambitious dedication to ‘one of Earth’s first healers’ in High Priest Imhotep sees Moss call the music ‘frequency medicine’ involving ‘hemi-synced harmonies with binaural beats’. But don’t be convinced it’s anything more than a high-grade and darkly potent club record. Rather than fly off the hook, its dusky sonic atmosphere patiently bubbles up as its mutated synth lines and beefy 4/4 beats begin to rule. And it’s perfected not just in the odd combinations of skittering snare fills, bleeps and pulsating ambient washes – but in the way he’s mixed it, with each element cleverly balanced and holistically intertwined. Take two and call me in the morning.

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