Ahead of releasing their new album We Three next Friday, we caught up with Swedish trio Hey Elbow to talk five tracks that have influenced the record.

Crafting expansive and immersive dream-pop, at the core of Hey Elbow’s sound is a certain aptitude for fabricating intricate soundscapes that are at once glacial, celestial and imbued with a warm vibrancy. Their latest track from the upcoming new album, ‘Nurture/Aptitude’, sees Hey Elbow meld propulsive, brooding electronica with twinkling melodies and their soaring vocal incantations. And the result is a compelling, otherworldly electro-pop cut.

Speaking on the track the band express, ‘”Nurture / Aptitude” is as close as we’ve come to writing a ‘catchy’ pop song. The starting point was a loop we recorded in our rehearsal place. The loop started life as a vocal harmony we thought we’d lost when a coffee cup was dropped on a microphone during the recording process. A few months later in the studio the loop suddenly re-appeared. It was the frame we needed for our first pop song. We rebuild the central structure into an elongated introduction followed by an ambient outro and slowly it became a Hey Elbow song.’

Get to know Hey Elbow In Five…

Anna von Hausswolff – The Truth, The Glow, The Flow

Except for the obvious that Anna is an amazing artist and musician, who inspires many people just by her appearance, we also think that her ability to develop and challenge herself makes her extra inspiring. Her music is brave and innovative. For us it’s important to feel that we keep creating new things where we can explore new sides of ourselves as musicians.

In Rainbows | Radiohead | From The Basement

Ok – this is not a track but this live session from Radiohead inspired us a lot since most parts of our upcoming album ”We Three” is recorded live.

Choir of young believers – Hollow Talk

This is the theme song for the Swedish/Danish noir crime series ”The Bridge”, which the three of us binge-watched during our first weeks of being a band in 2014. Since then it’s been a tradition to listen to this song while we’re on the bridge between Sweden and Denmark (when we’re going on a tour to Europe). This song could be regarded as the symbol for playing our music live and how that has developed us as a band.

The Knife – A tooth for an eye

How can we possibly choose only one track from this duo and this album? They’ve been an inspiration in many ways during the years. Their brilliant ways of working with rhythm and melodies never tires you out. They also have a great philosophy about art and to take your creativity seriously. You can see and hear their devotion in their music and live performances and that’s extremely inspiring.

Alice Boman – Wake me up

All these friends that keep doing great music… What can be more inspiring than being around people who also devoted their lives to art and music? For the last five years we’ve been playing live with Alice as her band. It’s not only amazing to be a part of her beautiful music but it also benefits us as a band to play with each other in other constellations.

We Three is out next Friday via Adrian Recordings (September 18th).

Photo credit: Alice Boman