Heist or Hit – 12th May

If there’s any worth still left in going to university, it’s the opportunity to meet people from other places, broaden your horizons and realise that horizons are fairly bleak no matter where you’re from. Such is the story of Her’s, a warped jangle-pop duo consisting of Stephen Fitzpatrick from Barrow and Audun Laading from Kristiansand, Norway, who met studying music in Liverpool and formed a bond over shared humour and coastal town life.

The pairing has proved fruitful on the band’s debut Songs of Her’s, a collection of tracks featuring the duo’s four releases so far in addition to five new ones. The more reflective moments on love and loss contained in their previous jovial singles ‘Marcel’ and ‘What Once Was’ are given fuller scope on new tracks ‘You Don’t Know This Guy’ and ‘Medieval’, their rich guitar arpeggios providing a stylish score for Fitzpatrick’s low crooned confessions. Another stand out new one is the poetic ’Cool With You’, which takes a kind of Mac De Marco meets Frank Ocean approach, and demonstrates the duo’s knack for placing ’50s leaning rock ‘n’ roll next to electronic production.

Her’s write tracks that you start singing along to on first listen, as if they were already a favourite and this round up of their material so far adds another dimension to the band’s spritely sound, showing off their ability to pen an earworm in whatever guise. It’s a pretty perfect release time as the collection would cause no rifts if left on repeat in the park during summer. Given how fun the band’s live set is, it’s fair to say Her’s horizons are now looking fairly good.

Buy: Her’s – Songs of Her’s

Live: The Great Escape, 18th May / The Waiting Room, 31st May