Heist Or Hit – August 24th

Since releasing their first single ‘Dorothy’ in April 2016, Her’s have established themselves as prolific purveyors of beat-driven jangle rock, churning out single after single and even a near album-length EP last year. Their official debut delivers much of the same glistening goods but ramps up the playfulness that’s in the band’s DNA. Latest single ‘Harvey’ opens the album and signals that it’s to be filled with singable toplines and an element of the surreal, with a backing beat that feels as if one is being introduced to a vintage gameshow. This marrying of authentic and kitsch is a theme that continues throughout the album. ‘Carry the Doubt’ does it with Ratatat-style guitars, confessional croon and bossa nova drum patterns, as if someone is pouring their heart out to another in an elevator. Even if this proposal doesn’t quite entice you, the way Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading weave their guitar and baselines together, as on the end of ‘She Needs Him’, is something no one will fail to be affected by. There really isn’t another band in the UK that can make the plastic plod of a drum machine sound so dreamy.

Buy: Her’s – Invitation To Her’s

Live: Rough Trade East on August 25th and The Dome Tufnell Park on October 24th