Luminelle Recordings – October 19th

Much of Helena Deland’s music is beautifully disjointed – splintered in structure, lyrically oblique, varied in genre – and concerns memory. It’s fitting for Deland to have released disparate ‘memories in song form’ this year in short volumes instead of a full record. The final installment of the Montréal artist’s Altogether Unaccompanied series is not so much a significant step up from Vol. I & Vol. II than it is a continuation of Deland’s intricate, intimate songwriting. ‘Two Queries’ is a creaking, Angel Olsen-esque song that does find some unity in its noirish counterpart, ‘A Stone is a Stone’. But these tracks pale in comparison to the hypnotic highs of ‘Rise’ and the fibrous, synth-pop tug of anxiety anthem, ‘Claudion’. The latter two songs make Deland’s memories everlasting.

Buy: Helena Deland – From The Series Of Songs ‘Altogether Unaccompanied’ Vol. III And Vol. IV