“We approached the guest list window, and I gave the nice man with the list the names of my friends…”

Over the years I’ve visited London more times than I can count. Being in London for several months when I was 16 was my first big city experience. I’ve been to see friends and family, see the sights, rest after a long trip, and play countless concerts over the years. I know pockets of London pretty well, and I always look forward to going back to my favorite places around the city.

On my most recent trip through London, I was playing a sold-out show at Union Chapel with a songwriter named Alela Diane. I’ve played Union Chapel many times over the years and know my way around the surrounding area pretty well. After soundcheck I took a taxi to meet two friends who had taken the train up from Brighton for dinner at The Duke of Cambridge. We had a nice but quick dinner, trying to catch up on our lives in an unreasonably short amount of time. The rain had let up and we left the restaurant with enough time to walk back to Union Chapel. One of the friends I was with had a birthday the next day, and he was celebrating with a night out on the town accompanied by a little flask of homemade sloe gin. We all took a swig or two and chattered our way through the streets until we reached the venue. There was quite a queue out front and I waited in line with them for fifteen minutes or so trying to extend our visit as long as possible. Our bags were searched, we passed security, and as we walked in my friend Matt remarked about how different the place looked than he remembered. My response was something like, ‘just wait until you get inside the chapel door, you’ll recognise it then – it’s beautiful.’ We approached the guest list window, and I gave the nice man with the list the names of my friends. He couldn’t find them on the list and asked for that band they would be listed under. To my reply he kindly responded we were at the wrong show. I had confidently walked my friends to the show I was playing at the wrong venue, and I had been completely sure of my whereabouts the whole time. As you can imagine we all had a good laugh. I’d like to blame it on the sloe gin, but my head is in the clouds sometimes, and maybe I’m really still just a small town girl at heart.

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