Having started her musical journey as one of the NY Philharmonic Orchestra’s youngest composers, HAWA is now turning her prodigious creativity to crafting incisive and intoxicating rap. With her incredible debut the ONE out now on b4, we caught up with HAWA to talk five tracks that have influenced her.

Whilst her music offers a visceral potency and uninhibited flow, HAWA’s compositional attention to detail manifests in a supreme precision and clarity within her tracks. ‘MY LOVE’ is a beautifully tender and vulnerable dancefloor groove, whilst ‘FRICK’ raises the tempo going in hard with skittering, chilling beats and razor-sharp bars. Elsewhere the pensive, emotive ‘IPHONE’ offers twinkling, melancholic hip-hop and opening track ‘INTRO’ is a silky, delicate R&B cut. HAWA’s nuanced and intricate songwriting shines through in each impactful sonic detail. Having found herself stifled by the classical music world HAWA
is truly finding her authentic creative voice; the ONE fully distinguishes the New York-based artist as one to keep an eye on and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Get to know HAWA In Five…

TRACY CHAPMAN – Behind the Walls

she’s honestly such an incredible writer and singer I feel like it’s kind of impossible not to love her.

T PAIN – Can’t Believe It

he’s an amazing artist. Overall I’m in love with his music and the way that he creates.

BILLY BOYO – Silhouette Riddim

not only is his music great but he’s impressive because a lot of the music he’s made was at the age of 12.


He is amazing at expressing the emotion of intimacy which I think is so impressive, because anyone can sing about love and sex but when someone can make you fall in love and wanna make love that a whole other thing.

JAMES BLUNT – wiseman

He’s another great songwriter I really love how he can make you feel, he’s an amazing artist you can honestly cry to lol.

‘The One’ is out on b4 now. 

Photo credit: Castle