With velvety, rich vocals, rippling electronica and brooding R&B ambiance, Harvey Causon has been rapidly winning over hearts, and rightly so. The Bristol-based musician and producer crafts songs imbued with emotive poignancy purveyed through his pensive and insightful lyricism. His debut EP, Murphy’s Hand, came out earlier in the year with smooth, lingering melodies and glistening instrumentals melded with brooding melancholia, especially on the stunning ‘Worn You’ that bears the kind of atmospheric potency of James Blake. Causon’s talent for creating harmonious sonic elegance shines through as the layers of piano, glistening electronic melodies, and flowing vocals blend together to form richly-textured sounds.

Over the past year or so Harvey Causon has progressed from strength to strength with gathering momentum and it’s only going to continue – so if Causon’s heartfelt melodies and R&B-tinged electronica sounds like your thing you should probably take note.