Tri Angle Records – January 19th

North Carolina producer Brandon Juhans has been busy tweaking his fragmented hip hop collages. His notoriously blunted rhythmic mash-ups have now reached a profound new level. Plasty I is part one of two forthcoming EPs which see him pushing a full spectrum of new sonic envelopes, from oscillating static and strings to Jeff Mills-esque beats. The results are evocative – yet far slicker and colder. It’s unsettling stuff. Over these seven tracks and 19 minutes, the compositions are notable for their lack of compromise and sheer atmospheric power. Melodies hang unresolved. Noises are chopped, screwed and sliced with precise digital abandon. Beats and vocal snippets appear only to disappear. It still represents his unfailing devotion to hip hop. It’s just a much more complicated love letter.

Buy: Hanz – Plasty I