PC Music – November 22nd

Maybe it’s to be expected, but Hannah Diamond’s long-awaited debut album is, predictably, impossible to quit. After a heady first listen, I found myself craving the absolute joy only Reflections can provide, bouncy melodies rattling around my head for days after. To call it worth the (quite considerable) wait is an understatement.

We’re firmly in the demented nursery rhyme territory of PC Music here, with most tracks boasting the trademark glassy and fractured calling card, but it’s sleeker and more refined than anything we’ve heard from the imprint before. Perfectly polished, it seems the label’s long-standing mission of creating a new kind of popstar have been fully realised on Reflections.

Lyrically, Hannah Diamond ponders love in all its forms, including new-found, devastating loss and ultimately moving on, but any crying in the club is quickly washed away by A. G. Cook’s flawless production, armed with delirious melodies that detonate with irresistible euphoria.

The dizzying closer, ‘Make Believe’ is a prime example, drifting at glacial pace before stabbing synths shatter the quiet and transport us to trance parties of the past. ‘Love Goes On’ finds Hannah contemplating going it alone (“Maybe I’m good on my own / could it be time to let go”) as the track builds to a pounding crescendo and crashes down around her, while ‘Concrete Angel’ is one of the most bonkers tracks of 2019, its furious final minute featuring a gleeful and grin-inducing happy hardcore breakdown. As pop perfection goes, Reflections surely lands somewhere close.

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