Haley Bonar – Last War // Album Review

haleybonarMemphis Industries – September 29th

Can you experience FOMO retrospectively? If so, by the close of ‘Kill The Fun’ there’ll be loads of British music lovers pissed off. Dubbed her “UK debut”, Last War is the first of Haley Bonar’s five albums to ever receive a UK release, meaning that only US citizens and Discogs devotees will recognise the name. For the rest of us, this collection provides the ideal introduction to the Minnesota-based musician. Demonstrating the vulnerable beauty of her voice and the breadth of her songwriting talent, her range here extends from the breathless, shoegaze-punk of ‘Woke Up In My Future’ to the acoustic alt-country of Justin Vernon-collaboration ‘Eat For Free’. Three tracks in, you’ll already be itching to delve deeper into her back catalogue.


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