Haim // Live Review

Forum – December 9th


The ringleaders of the girl band revolution are three Californian sisters’ called Haim. Where after being announced as the winners of the BBC’s Sound of 2013 and their debut album Days are Gone going straight into the charts at number 1, you could say that it’s been quite the rollercoaster ride for the trio ever since.

Bringing over those little rays of Californian sunshine, Haim step onto the stage with waves of confidence and giant glistening smiles. The atmospheric lighting and rising thuds of the drumbeat create a frantic excitement amongst fans. ‘Falling’ is brought to life by the charismatic charm of each sister, where they manage to portray their own unique stage persona. Like many great bands before them their individual façade helps to define each band member, ‘goofy’, ‘tomboy’ etc. Spice Girls eat your heart out.

It’s their unique personalities and musical togetherness that make Haim so likeable. Many of the songs such as ‘The Wire’ and ‘Go Slow’ are crafted much fiercer onstage, and Haim certainly don’t hold back from rocking out. Lead guitarist Este gets the crowd riled up on a number of occasions whilst grinding together her energetically charged guitar solos and implementing plenty of head banging action.

The night ends with a succession of confetti blasts (it never gets old) and the stunning sisters’ strut off stage to rapturous applause. They came, they saw, they conquered and no doubt Haim will be back, and when they return we have no doubt that they’ll be global superstars.


Buy: Haim – Days are Gone