Photo credit Jesse Crankson

A multi-talented and visionary artist, with each new creation Haich Ber Na further carves out a cosmic, transcendent realm of his own design. With his new single ‘By Floras’ out today, Haich Ber Na gives us a visual insight into his world from Kewpie mayo to his last live show pre-Corona.

Following on from his futuristic sophomore EP Everywhere’s Homereleased last year, ‘By Floras’ sees Ber Na continue to push the boundaries of his sound, exploring new textures and offering a nuanced yet dazzling vibrancy. Intricate tinkering instrumentation and mellifluous, soulful vocals abound on ‘By Floras’ as the track gracefully ripples along and sees Ber Na purvey a reflective emotivity. A pensive and celestial sonic voyage, ‘By Floras’ yields yet more subtle detail with each fresh listen and fully showcases Ber Na’s considered and innovative compositional prowess.

Of the track Haich Ber Na expresses, By Floras was written very naturally, narrating emotions of a friend’s relationship. I feel like I’m evolving, and sonically ‘By Floras’ shows the direction I’m taking towards the next project.” 

Delve into Haich Ber Na’s In Photos series below.

The last show we did back in February when we were all free.

These remind me of simpler times.

One of my favourite studios to work from.

My favourite mayonnaise.

Alternative artwork for By Floras by Jesse Crankson.

Jesse on the day we shot the artwork for by Floras. We were at Waterloo station during lockdown.. emptiest and easiest we’ll ever see that station.

The setup for the 3D hologram show we did.

The best bathroom selfie I’ve taken all year.

‘By Floras’ is out now. 

Haich Ber Na filmed his 3D hologram performance at Sweat’s incredible VR club. More info here.

Header photo credit: Jesse Crankson