We’ve been chatting about Battersea Arts Centre’s excellent musical takeover for what seems like ages now. With music of all styles, from all places and inspired by so many cultures, appearing in the grand and historical building, Borderless is an exciting prospect.

It also feels like we’ve been chatting about how much we love Haelos for years now, so with the two colliding we talked to the duo about what music is inspiring them right now, ahead of their show on the 25th August.

LK – Lesa Known

Dom found this hidden gem from producer LK (aka Viers) and we’ve rinsed this tune ever since. We had the pleasure of having him down to DJ at our night ‘Blackout’ with the rest of his label Shall Not Fade a couple of months ago. Its house but the production borrows heavily from hip hop and even jazz with the choice of drum breaks and samples which gives it an interesting dusty atmosphere which feels refreshing amongst the super polished world of modern production.

Talk Talk – After the Flood

One of the best bands of all time. Been listening to their final album Laughing Stock a lot recently and this track is amazing, particularly the groove and the interesting evolving chord placement when the chorus comes in that does strange things to the time signature. Mark Hollis’ voice is sublime as always.

The Verve – Shoeshine Girl

I’m a lifelong Verve fan so when they dropped this unreleased track from Storm in Heaven the other day i was really excited. ‘Im in the front, the light snaking round my aching neck… Its a sign’ – classic Ashcroft. Also dig the congas.

Charles Bradley – Nobody But You

We had the honour to watch and then meet Charles at Positivus Festival in Latvia this summer. He is an absolute legend and we were all nearly crying during his set, it was so heartfelt and real. Performers like him are so rare these days, both he and his band were mind blowing and yet he was so humble and loving in person; down to earth and emotionally in touch. Its really how we should all be and he is the real deal.

Warpaint – Biggy

We’re huge Warpaint fans and cant wait for their new record to drop next month. Really into the way this track lies somewhere between shoegaze and hip hop.

Haelos play Battersea Arts Centre as part of Borderless on August 25th