The term ‘selector’, it’s been argued, has been thrown around far too liberally in recent times. Purists insist the art of crate-digging is fading due to a new crop of DJs bubbling to the surface. You do wonder if those same gatekeepers have been lucky enough to catch a HAAi set before.

By the time her Phonox residency came to an end earlier this year, each show was attracting critical acclaim, famed for a vibrant melding of styles and HAAi’s ear for an irresistible banger. Slots on the most prestigious of stages followed throughout summer, as well as genre-spanning releases on her Coconut Beats imprint, the Motorik Voodoo Bush Doof Musik EP flirting with menacing techno and psychedelic breakbeats.

Further releases and remixes are promised for 2019, each surely more batshit than the last. While her own sound may evolve, HAAi’s passion for unearthing forgotten sounds from across the globe remains, bleeding into every selection and proving digging is far from dead.


Photo by Alec Donnell Luna.