Ahead of Field Day this year HAAi takes us through the highlights of her day, walks, fashion shows and an impromptu B2B with Daniel Avery.

Having honed her craft playing all-night sets at Ridley Road Market Bar in Dalston, Phonox resident HAAi’s career is going from strength to strength. Since taking the helm of Saturday nights at Phonox in October 2016, HAAi has been deservedly earning a position as one of London’s most beloved selectors – celebrated for her weird and wonderful record collection, astute working of a crowd and her infectious energy in the booth. Successfully turning her hand to production (2017 single ‘Da Da Da’ was a staple across summer dance floors), HAAi has also been racking up radio time on Rinse FM and curating her own Coconut Beats event series. A celebration of the music she loves from around the world, last Summer her Coconut Beats parties at Phonox saw her inviting the likes of Chaos In The CBD, Auntie Flo and JD Twitch down to play with her.

Phonox Saturdays continue to blossom under HAAi’s control. The sign of a true residency, the Brixton club sees the same faces returning again and again to dance under the disco ball to her selections. Recent parties have seen Daniel Avery, Mafalda and Or:La stepping up to play, but as a general rule the stage belongs solely to HAAi. Over six hours the Australian artist expertly curates the mood on the dance floor, whether it’s a perfectly timed Whitney singalong or an off-kilter acid cut.

As well as holding down the fort at Phonox every Saturday, HAAi is playing across Europe with upcoming shows in Berlin, Barcelona and Amsterdam. Then on Monday March 26th she’ll premiere her new radio show on Gilles Peterson’s esteemed Worldwide FM. Coconut Beats International will air on Worldwide every fourth Monday of the month from 6pm to 8pm.

HAAi plays Field Day this year. Following the line up announcement we asked her to take a few photos for us. From waking up in her plant-filled home, to sound tracking the ASHISH LFW show, to playing b2b with Daniel Avery and then a slightly blurry final image indicative of a good time, get to know HAAi In Photos…

Morning sun. Jus laying in bed sizing up everything I have to knock over before Phonox tonight.

I been finishing my EP this week, so first thing when I get up I’ll have a listen to changes I made the day before, see if it’s a big old mess or not.

Going for a walk to clear the head. My brain needs a lil rest, so taking it to a field.

Here’s my yard. Pretty industrial huh. Light today is g tho.

Super nice morning… Here’s some rail way arches….

Hey swan.

It’s been a pretty busy couple weeks with going away and being chained to the studio, so ya gotta squeeze in friend hangs where you can. Super important. These ones are top shelf.

Hey horse, waddup?

Quick lil bite with my friend Sarah.

As well as getting ready for PHONOX tonight, I’ve also been doing music supervision for a label, ASHISH. This is my 6th season working with them and the music brief was Middle Eastern/Bollywood/disco. Kind of right up my Coconut Beats Strasse. It’s pretty intense researching and curating playlists to send them but I think we nailed it this year. Ended up using some Acid Arab, some Tel Aviv field recordings and some old Hindi disco from Ashish’ childhood. Oh and a bit of Cher too because he loves her.

It’s absolutely vital to match your shades with your sock, ok folks. Ready for Fash week.

This is part of the set for the ASHISH show. ASHISH grew up in India and this show was revisiting his childhood there. He wanted the set to look like an Indian street market. Nailed it.

My pal Soph and I jus chillin’ waiting for the show to start. I’m stressin’ the music isn’t going to be long enough for the amount of looks there are.

Creddys. This is what it’s all about folks… Name on a piece of paper. Good fodder for mum’s scrap book init.

Quick lil bite at Pacific Social Club before I go home n grab my rekids for the club.

Gotta squeeze the friend hangs in where ya can. Two of my faves in the world Orla aka O.G. and Tayab.

Needed that.

Feeling pretty wiped, but records packed and we ready for the rave.

Vicky to Bricky. None of this fancy cab biz thanks…

Two of the most integral ingredients of any night at Phonox. This is Paul and Nathan. They take care of the sound and lighting in the club respectively. Without them there would be no vibe. Also two of my fave people round.
Had an impromptu b2b with one of my bezzys Dan Avery. Made for a fun night.

Think I forgot to take anymore pics because I was playing and also because alcohol. Here is the final scenes….

Home. Love ya’s x

Catch HAAi at Field Day June 1st & 2nd