Gus Dapperton’s shimmering, tender dream-pop has always held a certain irresistible charm. Whilst this is still present in his latest material, these new songs offer a stark emotivity and intimacy as his lyrics purvey personal reflections and find him reach a sense of catharsis. As he releases his new single, along with the announcement of his second album Orca coming this September, we caught up with Dapperton to ask some quickfire questions.

On ‘Post Humorous’ the musician and producer crafts a delicate and reflective melancholic pop track. Imbued with buoyant melodies and twinkling instrumentation the juxtaposition of this sonic brightness with his deeply vulnerable, heavy lyrics make for an achingly emotive and poignant listen.

Following on from ‘First Aid’, ‘Post Humorous’ is the second track taken from his upcoming album and already from these first two singles the striking rawness and growth at the core of this new music is tangible.

Get to know Gus Dapperton In Short…

Three words to describe my music… dynamic, raw, vulnerable

Last photo on your phone… My friend pat in the woods

Favourite instagram account…

The best venue I’ve played… I’m not sure what the best venue would be but we LOVED the green room at Van Buren in Phoenix. and I guess one of my favorites would be Webster Hall i had always dreamed of playing there. Also Metro in chicago.

Earliest song you remember…
The Beatles – I Will

Worst job I’ve ever had… Luckily i have always worked pretty decent jobs but I did sound at this bar when i was 18 and the manager hated me cus i was a bit too young to be working there but nothing crazy.

The thing I most love to cook is… Eggs! Any type of breakfast eggs.My Favourite word… Its strange i love words but never have had a favorite word. In this moment i love the word lament. Its a beautiful sound for something so painful.

A book I love… Just Kids by Patti Smith

Things that cheer me up… Making music, making videos, watching sitcoms, surfing, skating

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be… In Warwick, NY !!!

I think you should listen to… Mandy & The Jungle by Santi

If I could see anyone play live it would be… There’s a lot of artists I would love to see but there are certain eras I would like to see them in. for example Radiohead in 1995.

Photo credit: Jess Farran

‘Orca’ is due for release September 18th via AWAL.