Gum Takes Tooth – Mirrors Fold // Album Reviews

gumtakestoothTigertrap – out now

Buried deep in the folds of primordial digitised bass blasts and a never-ending supply of chomping drumkit romps lays one hell of a party. If you need an invite, look no further than the truly encyclopaedic trove of beats that drummer Thomas Fuglesang spits on ‘Treaty and Treasure’. It all stems from his superb, ever-shifting rhythms allowing Jussi Brightmore’s electro tomfoolery to bite into your skull. This London duo clearly revels in its power. And who’s to argue? They can as easily serve up ‘Surveillance’’s 54 seconds of palate-cleansing ambient interference as they can tear into the mind-numbing drone of the 13-minute Wych Elm with its Liars-esque chants and meditations. This is an hour of the most pleasurable pain.


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