Rocket Recordings – January 25th

Wait! You haven’t put your Panda Bear LP in the wrong sleeve. It’s the lovely distorted warble of singer Jussi Brightmore on opener ‘Cold Chrome Hearts’ that is playing tricks on you. Listen closer… You’ll hear the hyper-kinetic London duo revelling in their expansive new sound which is laced with shimmering keyboards, hypnotic drumming from Tom Fug and a groovy psychedelic nod to the Krautgods. It’s an oddly beautiful – if unexpected – departure from their earlier noise assaults. While it generally gets bolder and brighter as it unfolds, it also manages to conjure up an acidic and claustrophobic smog. Look no further than the frightening bass rumble of ‘Seizure’. The duo have created a wild landscape where you forget where you’ve been and can’t see where you’re going.

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