Rough Trade Records – September 13th

Gruff Rhys has the best imagination. If he’s not regaling us with tales of Candylions straight outta seventies BBC kids teevee, then he’s teaching us all about Welsh explorer John Evans with a Sesame Street puppet. Which makes Pang! a touch different, being in Welsh with a smattering of Zulu, two languages in which I am not proficient, for shame. But fear not, because in Gruff’s capable hands, there’s still enough dreamy musical landscapes to make you want to spend half an hour inside his head. ‘Digidigol’ is sublime, resplendent with a brass section and a chorus that makes your feet tap, ‘Ol Bys/Nodau Clust’ is a slice of electro-heaven, and ‘Taranau Mai’, with its thunderous drums and rolling humming, is just gorgeous. Just add a puppet, and it’d be perfect.

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Live: EartH on October 23rd