Ahead of releasing his new album I Am Gqom tomorrow, Durban Gqom pioneer Griffit Vigo shares five influential tracks.

A nine-track project that sees Vigo further entrench his legendary status within the South African genre, I Am Gqom offers bold, cinematic, and hypnotic club-focussed soundscapes. Across the release, Vigo pushes his innovative artistry further, exploring both his ancestral heritage and vision for the future of Gqom. “Gqom is all about sampling, looping and creating your own vibe, I say so because I Am Gqom” Vigo says.

Get to know Griffit Vigo In Five…

Jayz – The story of O.J

This track tells me, you can make it in anything you invest time and effort into, regardless of race. I still find it inspiring to invest in my music career, it took him the longest time to be where he is. I’m willing to take the sound far as possible.

Kanye West – Wolves

I felt Kanye West was underrated until he came back after his car accident, that’s when he began to be noticed for his genius. Sometimes you need to go through bad situations to get inspiration, either physical or emotional as a Producer. He one of the best Producers I’ve ever known throughout the universe. My aim is to show people that you can be influenced by many different genres and find an inspiration to produce something pure and gold, whether its Gospel, Maskandi or current club music.

CuloeDeSong – Rambo

CuloeDeSong is one of the big artists here in South Africa that I’ve always looked up to. His music is a signature that drives me to be different from others, and that “creativity is important!” make it count at all times. If it’s no longer there, find some inspiration.

Culoe De Song has been an inspiration to me since his first release, which includes the big song “Babo Mncane “. He was signed to Black Coffee’s label Soulistic Music. CuloeDeSong was first introduced to tribal as a Producer, in those those days I was also Influenced by this, it gave me more confidence to be different from others, even from within my perspective and become Gqom Originator/Sound Inventor.

DJ Snathy – Inanda Spirit

This is the guy who first made me love and feel Gqom’s Gloomy vibe (dark & dreary). When I first heard his track ‘Chaotic House’ I was blown away, like asking myself who’s music is it?” My dad is one of the people that got me into music by playing the likes of Groover Washington, Manhattans, The Four Play, Sade etc…

Rudeboyz – No Mercy

This Gqom beat goes on and on, it doesn’t sound like it’s being looped, but at the same time it has repetitive percussion. The point of it is to show no mercy even in the way it sounds. It was produced by another of the Gqom Originators – Rudeboyz. The different samples in the track are great with some sounding like breaking glasses, and makes me feel that no matter what situation you are stepping into…you’ll sho.

‘I Am Gqom’ is out tomorrow (October 20th) on GQOM OH! Pre-order here.