102090Carpark Records – May 20th

Outer Heaven sees Greys riding the steely edge between palatable pop punk and more exciting (but decidedly weird) experimentations in surf, shoegaze and acerbic slacker rock. Like a sober FIDLAR emerging from a weekend bender into the crisp Toronto daylight, this latest iteration of Greys feels jubilant and grubby. The production is dirtied up with all the homespun grime of an underground demo tape. It crackles and pops in all the right places but, paradoxically, feels a little overcooked. This is precision-engineered dirt on the faces of what are actually driving, infectious pop punk songs. And in tracks like ‘My Life as a Cloud’ and ‘Strange World’ Greys demonstrate their proficiency at the dreamier end of the genre spectrum. A warm and likable release with an identity crisis.

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