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GRETA, the Copenhagen-based project of German artist Greta Schenk, has this unnerving knack of using familiar classic influences (think ABBA-style pop plus 60s/70s soft rock) and transforming them in a 21st century setting – all the while using synths and guitars that sound like they’ve not been dusted down for 40 years – to make some really terrific psychedelic pop songs.

Ardent Spring, the debut album lovingly and brilliantly produced with Norwegian musician FARAO, is an incredibly confident first record from GRETA. She sings of constant change (whether it’s transition from season to season, moving from Berlin to Copenhagen or the contrasts of the concrete of the former to the leafy cool of the latter) in a gorgeously airy voice, accompanied by those vintage synths which glitter and pulse in equal measure.

Whether it’s the classic Scandinavian hyperpop of ‘Hydrogen’, the nursery rhyme simplicity of ‘Baby’ (which recalls ‘Beautiful Stranger’-era Madonna) or the layered Tame Impala haze of most recent single ‘Again’ each is assured as the next in the hands of GRETA, who can only go on to greater things from here.

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