Different Recordings – November 1st

I’ll be the first to admit I judged Greentea Peng by her Shoreditch-via-Bali-via-Whole Foods stage name. But when ‘Risin’’, the lead single from Rising, started filtering through my headphones, I realised how wrong I was. Her tone is conflicting. The production is jumbled but simple, her lyrics melodic yet uncomplicated enough to mesh into one blissed-out version of itself. ‘Saturn’ is where she feels most authentic, “floating naked with you” on a calming synth wave and muted hi-hats that are reminiscent of Solange’s ‘Cranes in the Sky’. There are sexy saxophones slithering in and out of ‘Mr Sun’, nods to hazy summertime afternoons with friends and an air of sophistication wrapped around the EP that’s extremely promising for such a new face on the scene.

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