With a name, look and sound that all work as wonderful compliments to each other, Aria – aka Greentea Peng – might just be the warm remedy you need to get through the long winter months.

Her debut EP Sensi dropped in October and on it her dub-influenced, ad-lib style vocals waft over wavy instrumentals like incense across a low-lit room. Standout track ‘Moonchild’ sees Aria reflecting on her past life while an almost anxious synth throbs in the background.

Though everything written about Greentea Peng mentions the relaxing nature of her music, there is an unsettling edge to her sound too, that comes from her lyrical laments and woozy production. “Looking through my phone, why can’t I be alone?”, Aria croons on the intro to ‘Loving Kind’, another track from her debut EP. It’s this rich tapestry of anxiety and relaxation, diagnosis and antidote, that absolutely makes Greentea Peng someone to watch real close in 2019.